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Nazar and his team are a bunch of SEO experts who are extremely good at what they do. He is capable of showing results in short span of time. He took less than a month to get my website to the first page for few keywords. Above all Nazar is a passionate online marketing professional, who has zeal to excel in every field. He is punctual, determined, sincere and true to his work. His Dedication and involvement to every project is exceptional. He is very result oriented and always willing to walk the extra mile to meet the customer's requirement. The way he handles clients is truly awesome. You can call him any time you feel like. I wish tshirtloot's relationship with Nazar & his team would surely be a long term one

Mr.Deepak Siddharth,Founder &



I've worked with Mr.Nazar. He is very talented person in zinavo technologies

Nazar represents the next wave of dynamic leader on Internet culture and its impact on our organization. His presentations have covered the pulse of the team and I’ve experienced & learn a lot from him. An excellent trouble shooter. A great future leader in corporate world..

Mr.M.Karthik Keyan,Business Development Head- Zinavo Technologies



I have known Nazar for more than 6 years now and he has grown from strength to strength each year. When it comes to SEO he is as aggressive as they get. I have more confident about him.he become a SEO Guru Soon.Nazar hope you get more success in your life.

Mr.Sudhakar,Project Manager- Zinavo Technologies



Nazar has a great dept of knowledge about Digital marketing, he is a keen learn and has 100% commitment towards the projects..Good SEO skills have been his key strength and a team player. Apart from all this he is a good human and a good friend of mine.. i recommend Nazar as a seasonal campaigner if companies are looking to hire a profession who are looking for a digital marketing expert.

Mr.Naveen Srikantaih -Web Marketing Expert-GMR Web Team



Have known Nazar for more than 8 years now and he has grown from strength to strength each year. When it comes to SEO he is as aggressive as they get. I have more confident about him.he become a SEO analyst. He is very dedication, result oriented, optimistic and more........He will shine more than now, all the best my friend :-).

Mr.Mohamed Ziya ,Founder & CEO- Techzarinfo



Nazar has in depth knowledge of the search engine optimization SEO and search engine marketing SEM. Typically unique to this knowledge, He also possesses a strong ability to analyze psychographic data to maximize end user experience from a marketing perspective. He is a great team leader and has strong knowledge of the subject and well knowledged teaching Search Engine optimization.He always cares about his team members and supportive on that part.He is really dedicated and good motivater. He helped me alot understanding SEO stategies and regular updates.

Mr.Suresh,Senior SEO Analyst- Sulekha



Nazar is an example of dedication to begin with... he somehow managed to keep a smile on his face and occasionally crack us up with a joke to lighten the mood when we all in bad pressure on us ... and he's always come up with innovative ways to find new business. He is very passionate about what he is doing.. May be I can say, he is made for SEO... Good luck Nazar !!!

Mr.Abhimanyu,Business Head - Sales & Delivery -Logicshore Services



Nazar is very intelligent person. Having a very good knowledge in search engine optimization completes the given work in time. Excellent in managing a team as a Team leader, i've learnt lot of new things from him. It was nice to be with him.?

Mr,Habeeb Mohamed Raja, Founder & CEO-Quadraincorp



Nazar is a very talented & having a good knowledge in SEO . I wish him best of luck for his future.

Mr.Ishan Mishra,Managing Director- Ishan Tech



I would like to say thanks to you for all your effort you took to help us understand SEO.You has been very skilled at your work and very hardworking. I have learnt a big lesson from you, that “Nothing is Impossible, some time we may need to wait longer.

Mr,Santhosh Kumar,Chairman- Pay2Gain India



“I know Nazar since I have joined the, He is very energetic, enthusiastic, hard working, change agent always looking to make the changes and implement for the better of the Team as well as Department. During this Tenure I have found Mr. Nazar very professional in the SEO Field my best wishes and prayer with him to get more success in the E business Market.”

Mr,Jaya Shibu,Project Manager- Adodis Technologies



Nazar worked in the SEO Dept in Adodis Technologies Pvt Maples during my tenure there. I found he is highly committed towards his profession. He is the kind of person who creates positve environment around him and I believe this is the quality which is required by a very SEO Skilled Person in my company. He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.Nazar to be a very approachable and always ready to help others. He is one of the best Lead Generation & SEO Expert in Bangalore.I would definitely recommend him any organization and I wish you great success in future

Mr.Neelesh Kumar,Project Head- Adodis Technologies



Nazar is Good SEO Expert in My Company.Past 2 years i worked under Nazar team.I learned new information up to date daily.He is share her knowledge to every one.He is quick learner. It's pleasure to get a friend like Nazar. All the Best in Future.

Mr.Ishmail Kahn,SEO Hosting Team Leader -Adodis Technologies



Nazar is a very smart,very hard working search engine optimization specialist. In all of my years working for Adodis Technologies as an SEO Team Leader, Nazar led of our entire SEO team as it continuously expanded and took on more clients and Business. He is the person most directly responsible for Adodis SEO Team' track record of achieving valuable organic rankings for a large portfolio of clients.

Mr.Mahesh Kumar,Senior SEO Engineer-Fomaxtech Information Technology



Nazar is a very skilled SEO Leader who knows well SEO&SEM All Kind of internet Marketing& Business Lead Generation concepts : this is exactly what we need for our organization. We are very satisfied with his work.We are satisfied about the way Nazar communicates and in motivating the team members to achieve his goals, and we also appreciate his dedication and sincere work: good communication is a key to perform good job

Mr.Santhosh Kumar,Online Marketing Manager-Sulekha



“Nazar has excellent SEO and lead Generation skillset, especially for USA and UK region leads.. He is technically very strong and can handle tedious tasks.He can manage teams efficiently.He is very helpful,kind and motivating person. I always see a bright future where ever he goes

Mr.Karthik Lakshmanan,Business Development Manager- Adodis Technologies



Nazar is a Good Person in Adodis.There is no doubt that Nazar is one of good SEO Expert In my Company, but most best thing about him is that he share his knowledge with each other and that's the secret which make him good person also his relation with his colleague and friend really very nice. It's pleasure to get a friend like Nazar. All the Best in Future.

Mr,Raj Mangal-SEO Analyst-Adodis Technologies



Nazar is my Manager, he is very friendly person, the way he handles the team and his passion towards work is admirable. He acheived within a short period of time. Nazar is very good person in my company. He is very intelligent and smart worker. He is one of the SEO expert in my company as well as in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Miss,Vidya Shree, Business Development Manager-Zinavo Technologies



It’s a boon to get Nazar as my trainer. He has excellence knowledge in online marketing. By keeps on updating all latest trends in online marketing he could himself made as a SEO expert, and making so many engineers up to that level. He is so supportive at work which helps me to grow to the next extent in my career. I would say I am lucky and proud enough to work with him. He is ever best in Internet marketing world.

Miss,Swarupa Chowdary,Senior SEO Analyst- Zinavo Technologies



Nazar is a Good Person in Zinavo.There is no doubt that Nazar is one of good SEO Expert In my Company,He is Very smart worker in zinavo technologies,well organized and very goal oriented person,he has an engaging manner that makes it very comfortable.He is very dedicative & interactive person.

Mr.Mohamed Ali Jinnah, SEO Analyst- Zinavo Technologies



Nazar is one of the most dedicated and intelligent SEO Experts I have ever worked with.He has Sound knowledge on the Web Marketing strategies and always keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in the internet marketing world. Apart from that, he is a wonderful manager and very supportive towards his team. He always encourages his team members to learn more and scale up to a level higher.It’s been a great pleasure working under him and he is indeed ONE OF THE BEST MANAGERS!”

Miss,Uthra,Senior SEO Analyst -Zinavo Technologies



Nazar is A very TALENTED person in seo.. Having Good innovative thinking power, which is very important for search engine optimization.. Surely, he will SUCCEED in his future.. All the best for your future..

Mrs, Saranya, Senior SEO Analyst -Zinavo Technologies



Nazar is the shining star in the world of SEO and Online Marketing….He is a good Team Lead with fine managerial capacities and also a great team player . He has the great capacity to tackle extreme conditions both in personal and professional life, which makes him the “Best”.

Mrs,Neetasha patnaik,SEO & Lead Generation Expert -Adodis Technologies



Its always pleasure to work with Nazar. The projects he handled with, are really well crafted and successful.He had a great blend of creativity in our organization. Nazar's ability to generate a new way of looking at marketing is also marvelous. He is an inspiration to renew my own creativity to generate the same passion within my organization.

Miss,Madhuri Muddineni ,SEO Analyst - Adodis Technologies



Nazar is skilled Team Leader, who knows very well in SEO, SEM and SMO and all types of internet Marketing & Business concepts. It is my personal experience as I m working under his team. As a Team Leader, he has helped me and educated me on how to optimize website top in any search engines. As a motivating team, he has giving wonderful support for all his team mates. Alway leading a helping hand. Keep it up Nazar

Miss,Sunitha Mascarenhas ,SEO & Social Media Expert- Adodis Technologies



He is very supporting to us..And he share his knowledge to us..He is one of the Good Expert in SEO..We learned so many things from him.

Miss,Anusha Jayee,SEO Specialist - Adodis Technologies




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